National Novel Writing Month UPDATE

Sorry I’ve been absent from this blog of late — I’ve been blogging daily over at “Delve Into NaNo” providing helpful tips, exercises, and assorted bits of inspiration for those participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  Whether you’re NaNo-ing or not, I hope you’ll stop by and check it out!    

Becoming a wildly successful novelist may be just as easy as grabbing this thing out of the sky and tossing it about like a wet rag. That doesn't mean it's not worth trying. It just means we need some magic to help us.

Magic Loops

The thesis of this series is that there is abundant magic in the world that can be learned and even harnessed to support writers, artists, and other creatives in creating more and better work that connects with an increasingly bigger and more committed audience. This magic is fundamentally based on feedback loops. This post further…

What power lies in you? Photo Credit: Akshay Moon (Creative Commons)

The Substance of Magic

What do forest fires, wealth inequality, animal stampedes, successful authors, depression, and the creation of life have in common? They all fundamentally rely on the same basic mechanism–and it is to me the source and substance of all magic in our seemingly mundane world. When the new mage in a fantasy novel first taps into…

Cauldron-smauldron, I like not knowing the end until I get there.

Magical Beginnings

Any journey into magic–as this blog and the series it’s part of purports to be–ought to begin with a proper Call to Adventure. So let’s imagine you’re out one day in whatever hamlet, burg, or -opolis you call home, when an old man in a funny hat with a long pipe points at you from…

Mission Impossible

Your Journey Should You Choose to Accept It

Today I’m sharing a tool that can help you craft your story, regardless of what stage you’re in (planning, plotting, writing, editing).  I’d like to say it’s my best-kept secret for writing successful fiction, but that would be a lie.  The “secret” is a basic pattern found over centuries in narratives around the world:  The…

Alice and the White Rabbit

The Rabbit Hole of Naming

Some writers don’t worry much about naming.  They slap a label on a character and run with it.  Other writers dive down the rabbit hole and put excessive amounts of research, thought, planning and creativity into naming.  I’m in the latter camp, so thought I’d share with you some of the things I consider before…

A Book of Word-ly Magick

A Book of Word-ly Magick

One of the things I love about writing conferences is that moment in the hotel lounge or bar–roughly around 11:37 pm–when the mood shifts and you’re suddenly in a Cary Grant movie surrounded by a room full of witty, charming, and fabulous people. While some might call this “being drunk,” I prefer to think of…